Foliage and grass looks ok but not to the same quality that the camera gives to blue. None of these require you to know anything about f-stops, shutter speeds, white balance or depth of field – all you have to do is tell the camera what type of scene you are planning to take a picture of by picking the appropriate scene mode. For more information on Kodak products, visit their website here: Kodak Z I owned a Kodak prior to this camera. When it comes to flash photography, the Kodak EasyShare Z has a good range of options. Best Selling in Digital Cameras See all.

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Ease of use and results are all that I was looking for and the Z provides both. What is Plus Membership?

Kodak Easyshare Z980 Digital Camera Review

easysyare Thankfully, there is also a viewfinder for those difficult lightning conditions, but there is no diopter for eyesight adjustment. Trade In Your Gear for Cash. The 24x optical zoom lens ensures perfect pictures at any vantage point.

So when the perfect picture-taking opportunity arises, you’ll be ready. Show less Show more.

Kodak EasyShare Z Digital Camera B&H Photo Video

Unfortunately, there are a number of caveats which will ultimately put easyhsare people off. The horizontal and vertical shutter buttons are a nice touch. Be careful when using it and change to fill-in flash if this happens. Tricky colours, such as purples are handled well but subtle hues look as though they’re about to get washed out.


Kodak Z Review and Specs

They have been amazed at some of the pictures I’ve taken with my low end Kodak. In its defence, it does a pretty good job at handling tungsten in auto and tungsten settings. It certainly looks like they’ve thought about the market they’re aiming the camera at and have added easyshade to make the Z more attractive to the target consumer.

The Kodak EasyShare Z’s 24x optical zoom lens spans 26mm up to an incredible mm. Incredibly, you actually have to move the switch located next to the top shutter button to manually toggle between the two shutter buttons!

With image stabilisation, you can use about two times longer exposure times to take blur-free hand held shots than without it.

Pattern metering separates the frame fasyshare segments – or a pattern – and takes an exposure reading from each area. This sounds more exciting, but the quality is not what you’d expect, even when you consider the reduced pixel count.

The sensitivity range of the Z is Easysharre, Settings are clearly outlined in the user manual which I found easy to understand. Try macro or night shots with image stabilization and 2 sec.

This is where the Z’s optical image stabilizer comes to the rescue. So my advice is, don’t let the name brand decide which camera you will buy. It does make the second shutter-release button see below easier to use, but also makes an already large camera even bigger. I owned a Kodak prior to this camera. The camera is easy enough to use but lacks a lot of functions in the menu and what is there needs a better system than using the command wheel on the top plate.


There’s also the welcome option of Manual focusing.

The Z starts-up in about three seconds – just don’t forget to remove the lens cap, which will be knocked off by the lens zooming out slightly. There is a small brightness histogram available during both shooting and playback. White-balance There are five white-balance settings on the Z and weirdly, flash isn’t one of them. It has a pop-up flash which offers a wide range of shooting modes, and flash exposure compensation is also provided in the PASM shooting modes.

It is, however, capable of shooting at 30 fps at a slightly reduced 8 megapixels. THe Z is pretty good It’s a great little Adv. Even worse, the LCD display remains in landscape mode, even eaasyshare you’re shooting or playing back images in portrait mode, making it difficult to change the camera’s settings.