The iE chipset is also limited in support of graphics cards to 4x AGP videocards which run on 1. All iG based boards should have support for a 4x 1. Text is very well defined and readable, pictures and other still imagery are quite vibrant even at resolutions of x! Intel knows though, if you’re going to be using the integrated graphics core you probably won’t be gaming, and the real strength of the Intel Extreme Graphics core lies in its 2D image quality. The Intel G and GE chipsets offer the best of both worlds because they offer integrated video for initial use plus an AGP 4x slot for future high-performance video upgrades. The features of the make for a solid system, but also indicate that the is a bit behind the cool technology curve. Toms Hardwares reviews of motherboards using the G include http:

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Dynamic Video Memory Technology manages memory sharing between display, applications and the operating system depending upon the memory requirements of the programs running.

This limitation is very similar to the one found on the original i line of chipsets.

Intel Desktop Board D845GLLY – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket 478 – i845GL Series

Motherbozrd youre considering moving to a 3GHz or faster Pentium 4 processor or a new motherboard or system based on an series chipset, the issue of Hyper-Threading HT technology support is very important. The iG is very similar to the iE except that it has an integrated video controller Intel Extreme Graphics.

Intelligent Memory Management improves memory addressing, display buffer implementation, and memory efficiency. This is also called Thread-level parallelism, or TLPand the new 3. Simply put, its a method for turning a single physical processor into two virtual processors, with each virtual processor handling different threads series of tasks.


She also gave a price break and I needed a W-9 form to set Saitech as a vendor in our system which she provided very quickly.

Massive 10 Motherboard iE/G Roundup on

If you intep a Pentium 4 or Celeron-based system with an Intel chipset, its quite likely the chipset it uses will be part of the Intel family. Text is very well defined and readable, pictures and other still imagery are quite vibrant even at resolutions of x! Saitech really helped us out of a jamb! For those who want o845gl game with their iG based motherboard, never fear. Motherboards using various members of the family are available from Intel and most other major motherboard vendors.

All in all, the transaction was very smooth and painless.

In this article, youll learn about the features of each member of the family and discover which of the chipsets might be the best choice in your next Pentium 4 or Celeron-based PC. The iG chipset was not able to escape the four bank memory limitation that all the other i chipsets have motherbaord. The price was very good and the boards arrived earlier than promised. The members of this family offer mothegboard levels suitable for value, mainstream, and performance PC uses.

Intel Desktop Board DGRG – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket – iG Overview – CNET

The chipset family from I845tl offers a wide range of performance and features, no matter what level of system performance you want. The technologies built into this architecture are discussed later in this article.

Sharkey Extreme reviews the G motherboafd http: The Intel series might be the most versatile chipset family that Intel has ever developed. The Intel site for Hyper-Threading Technology is located at http: Thank you from EWay hardware company in Taiwan.


The integrated video in the GE is not quite as fast as a separate AGP 4x card, but the integrated video can be disabled and replaced by an AGP 4x card for greater performance if desired. Get more details about the family and other Intel chipset from the Intel Chipsets page k845gl http: In our experiences in orders for new CPU’s from eSaitech we found them to be very reliable and processed our orders very fast.

The iE chipset is also limited in support of graphics cards to 4x AGP videocards which run on 1. No reviews left yet.

Accurate international packging and shipment. Toms Hardwares reviews of the E: Basically, if the motherboard has three DIMM slots but you’re using two double sided sticks of memory, the the third free slot will not work – motherboaed if you install memory into it. They were courteous as well as professional and went out of their way to solve a minor shipping issue and process one of our urgent orders very fast in just 10 hours or so.

The PE and GE are identical except the GE also includes integrated video, which allows a lower cost system to be constructed no separate video card is required. motherboars

ExtremeTech reviews the PE at: