Each value represents 5 seconds. After a second delay, the beeper will sound a warning. Serial Setup will be displayed in the lower right corner of the LCD. Note Keep the FF pushbutton and pushbutton depressed until the power-up sequence is complete. Wire Paper Guide The printer is shipped with a wire paper guide installed. Turn the knob a few more times to assure that the ribbon is running freely and that any remaining slack is removed. Specifying Graphics Line Length

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Raise the top cover to the open position. Select Extended Character Set sfcc Oset;n Point Model Has Precedence Load paper and set top of form. Use the following procedures to configure a High Trip Point setting: Example Form Printout It is designed to prevent the paper from being backed out of the upper tractors.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents This step assumes Vertical Tabs is the currently selected setting. For more information, see the Series Programmer’s Manual. The paper then retracts back into the printer and is positioned at the print wires ready to print. Centronics; International Business Machines Corporation: This is a relative setting.


Genicom Series Manuals

The four pushbuttons to the right of the display are to navigate the menu tree structure and are referred as menu browse pushbuttons. For more information, see the Programmer’s Manual.

Turn the paper gap adjust knob clockwise to the LOAD position. The following is an example of the font page printout.

Press the Select pushbutton after all changes are complete and the desired value is displayed in the lower right corner of the LCD. Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the sub- menu options. Tearoff will show in the display. If this option is disabled, no auto wrap will occur and data will be truncated.

Genicom Line Matrix 5100 – printer – monochrome – line-matrix Series

Tug gently as the paper is placed seriez the pins of the upper tractors to makecertain there is no excess slack or folds in the paper between the upper and lower tractors. If no previously saved format name exists, the default format names are Default through Blank Format Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the Lead Polarity sub-menus.

This is also known as Request to Send. While in the Serial Setup menu, press the T down menu browse pushbutton until Protocol is displayed in the lower right corner of the display menu.


The top print ref should not be confused with a top margin. If set to COL seies, the current print position will be the first position on line one of the next form.

When the power-on sequence and self-test are completed, Online is displayed in the upper left corner of the display window and Status is displayed in the lower right corner of the display.

Entering And Exiting Oversize There are three steps to changing or creating a stored format.

You can contact the auctioneer on for more information. Press the Select serirs to access the settings for Pseries. This eliminates any potential shock hazard or inadvertent printer start-up while moving parts in the print area are accessible.

Parameter Values Within Control Sequences