Changing the firewall settings before installing your printer 2 38 Color Registration Adjustment Purpose: To initialize NVM non-volatile memory for system parameters. This page includes complete instruction about installing the latest Dell Cw Laser driver downloads using their online setup installer file. The failed attempts counter is reset to 0 by a successful authentication.

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For more information on operator panel, see “Operator Panel” on page Attach the Kensington lock to the security slot on your printer.

Dell CW Printer Driver Download

To avoid jams, flatten them as shown below when loading them in the PSI. Job History Click to print the completed jobs history.

Active Mode Displays whether to be permitted or denied access to the printer. The display will briefly indicate the password has been changed.

Non-Dell Toner Off Does not use toner cartridge of another manufacturer. The Order window automatically appears when low toner is detected. Location Specifies the location of the printer using up to 63 alphanumeric characters.

Driver settings may have precedence over changes previously made and may require you to change the Tool Box defaults. Dell recommends only new Dell-brand toner cartridges for your printer. To specify the optimum temperature settings for printing for the fusing unit. Maintaining Your Printer Adjusting Color Registration This section describes how to adjust the color registration when you first install the printer or after moving it to a new location.


Enter 5 if your printer shares an electrical circuit with room lighting and you notice lights flickering. Printer Settings Click Start to print the printer settings page. You can also diagnose the printer settings by using the Tool Box. When the toner does not fuse on the paper properly, try to increase the temperature.

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Contents Printer Status Window. Disabling the User Account Control might leave the system vulnerable to virus attacks. A list of print jobs appears in the printer window.

You can specify folders in which to install the Dell software and documentation. Feb 14, 3: Dell Service Tag Number Displays the service tag number of your printer. However, if you use either of the Microsoft methods you will not get features such as the status monitor and other printer utilities, which will get installed with the Software and Documentation disc.

Size Output Tray Status Displays the size of paper in the tray.

Dell C1660w Color Laser Print User Manual: Adding A Printer On Mac Os X 10.4.11

This information helps network administrators manage the network analyze performance, traffic, errors, and so on. The XPS driver is supported on the following operating systems: The default user name is admin, and the default password is left blank NULL.


Grain is either grain long, running c16660w length of the paper, or grain short, running the width of the paper. Its main delk is to provide impressive color prints and it focuses on doing a marvelous job without featuring other functions and compromising on quality like some other printers do. Follow the wizard instructions to finish it. Magenta Cleans the toner in the magenta toner cartridge. After executing this function and rebooting ps printer, all the menu parameters, except the parameters for the network, are reset to their default values.

Dell Cw Laser manual download. Using the PSI allows you to use other types or sizes of print media preferentially over the regular print media loaded on the MPF. Disable Disables firmware updates. This item is available only when the printer is connected with a wired network.