But I suspect this exists mostly for compatibility with software that was designed to interface with earlier soundcards which had no capture mixer. If your soundcard has nothing connected to this input, it does nothing. You may change this file only for special setup. In what to one race is no time at all, another race can rise and fall Individual control of the stereo channels with the capture switches is supported, just not documented. If a control is muted, gnome-volume-control no longer updates its display of the current level of the fader.

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Controls the input level for the monaural analog input, which might or might not be connected to your PC’s speaker output. When mixing multiple cz4236b inputs, it may be necessary to reduce this control to prevent overloading.

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

When using this method, the Digital Loopback and Master Digital faders will affect the level that you hear, but not the recording level. Also, Synth may seem like the obvious choice for listening to MIDI files, but your soundcard may not have anything actually hooked up to the Synth input. Now adjust your soundcard’s volume levels. This is an alternative to the Synth capture switch.


You may notice a dead spot when adjusting the fader, where the sound gets softer and then louder again. Unmute Digital Loopback and Master Digital, and initially set their faders fairly high. Unmuting Digital Loopback will route the captured digital output to the digital mixer. Having had everything from the Tandy to modern systems, I’d probably suggest avoiding all sound cards that are not the Creative Labs cards or the GUS until you get to PCI sound cards, by which all PCI soundcards are terrible cs4236g DOS, if you even have a way to enable them under DOS, it typically consumes memory and then getting the game to work is difficult.


If your desired input in step one was anything other than “Master Digital”, you have probably stopped reading by now, and are hopefully listening to glorious stereo sound. The capture bypass switches bypass the gain control for these analog inputs and send the audio signal straight to the capture mixer. Aydio has a few posts css4236b the CSx chipset, look them up for a better understanding of the chipset and driver downloads for it.

However, some applications play well with others, and some don’t. It is likely that the signal is being distorted too.

Controls the input level for the digital data coming in from the wavetable serial port. Don’t unmute Digital Loopback when the capture aufio for Master Digital is on.

DriverZone.com: The place to find device driver updates.

Sorry Kisai, but saying that avoiding all soundcards that are not Creative Labs soundcards is utter nonsense. If you really, really want to use this method for recording with digital sources, feel free to experiment, but be aware that the feedback loop may add subtle or not so subtle!

But since you cannot hear the actual audio that will be recorded, it is important to pay close attention to the level meters on your recording application. The capture bypass switches are meant to be used in place of the capture switches to allow you to use the input faders to adjust the output volume only, without affecting the recording volume.


Restart alsa, then open a music player, play a file and close the player. Then check alsamixer, as you should have a Master volume control. I did notice that the Dell has integrated sound, though, and some quick searching shows that it uses a Crystal CS sound card.

Details In this section we get into the nuts and bolts of the CSB mixer.

But some applications read the music digitally from the drive and send it to the PCM input of the mixer. Gives you microphone a 20 db kick on the way to the analog output mixer. It bypasses the Synth input level control and so gives no attenuation or gain.

This is the only way to capture the Mono input, and an alternative way to capture the other analog inputs. You should not use Line capture and Line Capture Bypass simultaneously. Views Read View source View history. I do understand that the sound card isn’t cs4236n only concern for compatibility.

On those soundcards this was the only way to record multiple analog sources. Cs42236b and turn on the capture switch for any analog inputs that you want to record and adjust their faders. The author is familiar with only these four mixer xs4236b The current state of the following five switches is displayed correctly when gnome-volume-control is launched, but they are never updated to reflect external changes: The sbiload utility in the alsa-tools package acts as a roadie for the FM synthesizer.