While I was sleeping the laptop slide down and fell off the floor and hit the Hard Drive. Some kind of faint beeping and humming sounds. Unfortunately Best Buy are not data recovery professionals, nor do they have the equipment or expertise to address hd issues. These components must be in good working order, not damaged in any way, and a professional with the right equipment can determine what state these parts are in and ultimately save your data. Just take your own time and understand it will be slow and steady. I had it connected to our TV and when I was about to remove it, it fell directly on the floor. I use an Imac desktop.

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I powered it down, powered it up but used ubuntu, it came on disk is visible but taking a long time to read.

Emir, Please fell free to re-read the post as I believe your answers lay within it! You will also not want to trust it caaleb. And second only a data recovery professional with a certified clean room would be able to properly and safely diagnose this case for you.

The main reason I ask is I want to know would I be able to remove this drive from the enclosure and install it either inside a normal PC, or in a NAS drive? What kind of technician did you take it to? There is a chance however we would need to inspect it in our faleb room to be able to give you a definite answer.

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I connected the HD again with the cable and it started to spin but with a click pattern sound, nothing appeared in the computer just like nothing attached, and then I disconected it and heard the disk slowing down and then a sound of something scratching in the end.

My Hard Drive Dropped – Now What?

If you wish to use the drive internally, back-up all data and then repartition and reformat under internal connection. That will be helpful for all — thanks for letting me know. I agree with you. Likewise, the experience of Backblaze in their recent article on hard drive reliability places Hitachi in a favourable position. Finally, when I arrived home, I tried to check hhc and suddenly I cannot open it.

If it is powered solely from the USB port, then it is a 2. What is the estimated cost of these procedures?

My 2TB Canvio has a value of 0. You must have been unlucky.

Is it possible to send to you? And thank you for sharing because this is what everyone needs to hear about continuing to use a dropped hard drive.

I have opened the drive without damaging any clips by using light guitar picks. Please fill out a quote request! I got it open, but not calebb cleanly as others in the comments. You would need to send it in for evaluation Sony, then we can help you recover it! Now its led flash is working its disk is rotating but computer is unable to read it. March 19, at To pry open the sides without perforation, move your credit card as close to the corner as possible.


How To Fix a Dropped Hard Drive – READ FIRST

I like this new case because it includes a power switch so I can control when I want the drive to turn on without having to unplug the USB cable from the computer. Now when I plug in, I hear a couple of Spin and then it stops.

Diagnostics confirmed that this procedure was also unsuccessful. I really would like to test with any AC adapter that has same voltage and amp just to find out whether it is the AC adapter is defect. I need to order a new enclosure, do you have a recommendation for a supplier and model? January 25, at Thanks for letting us know! The last company sent hnd the below report: While I was sleeping the laptop slide down and fell off the floor and hit the Hard Drive.

Your drive is clicking now because you turned it on after it dropped. Do it just like shown in the pics but use the cards and keep the cards there inserted in-between the seams.