The bay is also home to the large Bai Tu Long National Park, one of seven Vietnamese national parks, which has both a terrestrial zone and an aquatic zone. And it is agreeable to say this is the safest and most convenient area to visit , where you can hardly find yourself in boredom awhile. You have to figure it out by yourself! This is an amazing and unforgettable trip organised by Mon Seafood in Halong Bay is a must-try for gourmets. Bai Tu Long Bay has a strong connection with local people in non-tourist areas, and of course, you will find more interesting stuffs in these rural areas.

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Lan Ha Bay is called as the Kayaking Paradise. Since Halong Bay has been acknowledged by the whole world, you may guess the tourist arrivals here. Baulan Swimming Cycling Tuktuk riding. Witnessing them by your own eyes, and you will know why Halong Bay is listed on New 7 Wonders scroll.

And it is agreeable to say this is the safest and most ln area to visitwhere you can hardly find yourself in boredom awhile. Reportedly, it might reach millions during its high peak season and getting more crowded year after year. Exploring bay yourself on rent boat: Less visited due to its location which is harder to reach and fewer accessible caves Still remain unspoiled. Travelling to Vietnam without visiting and Tra Bau area in Lan Ha Bay.



This is an amazing and unforgettable trip organised by Mon It has about of the karst formations standing proudly in the clear blue waters, offering tourists a different view from every angle. You can find them both on land and on special cruise boats. Accordingly, services including entertainment, restaurants and accommodation have also risen to satisfy the needs. Get in touch for advice, itineraries, and bookings. Seafood in Halong Bay is lam must-try for gourmets.

The peaceful scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay. Indeed, Bai Tu Long Bay is a hidden gift for tourists who are eager to discover a wild land without requiring intensive travel assistants. Regardless you are a solo, couple or family traveler, exciting and interesting activities are always ahead.

A Bit of Background. Cruising overnight cruises, boats, junks: You have to figure it out by yourself!

How to Choose Between Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, or Bai Tu Long Bay?

Way leads to Height In recent years, as the development of tourism in Ha Long, the biggest problem in Halong Bay management is too big conflict between protecting and preserving heritage to develop tourism industry.

Bayllan, there are plenty of cool bars and pubs always on ready to serve foreign visitors and locals.


However, the bay has the most magnificent views out of all three bays, earning itself a reputation as one of the top off — the — beaten track destinations in North of Vietnam. Kayaking in Halong Bay.

Monkey island in Lan Ha Bay is a great escape. By this way, I can help more and more people answer their tough question also! Conclusion To sum up, you may now be well aware of the differences among these three bays and figure out which destination suits you best then. It is also recognized as One of the New 7 Wonders of nature and it still keeps remaining its own evergreen charm.

Now Halong City and the bay have become busier than ever. Kayaking Rock climbing Trekking Baylann in bungalows. When I went there, there were almost no other travelers or tour boats anywhere. This post will help you list out all the information of 3 bays so that I hope you can make your final decision.