My lsusb confirms the AES To check which version of fprint packages you have access to, see http: Add this PPA to your sources: He outlined in two very good talks how to forge each and every available fingerprint sensor available at the cost of a few euros, using materials from your local hardware store, a digicam and a laser printer! Some are just scanners, others do the recognition in the device itself. The reader works in Windows10 without problems.

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Thinkpad Fingerprint Reader AES2550 / AES2810 by AuthenTec Inc. and Linux

I’m not running Ubuntu, but it used to work for me half a year ago. We can also share the USB spec with you directly, if you register to our Developer Program and let me know your user id.

There has been quite a bit of research by a hacker named Starbug, a member of the Chaos Computer Club, Berlin, Germany. Jonas Strassel jo-strassel wrote on Or will it be always on and power draining like some other usb devices? But based on the increasing number of requests authente are currently considering to release the technical specification to the Linux community to be able to integrate selected AES sensor devices to the Open Source projects.


Neither works, but displays the chip and says it uses AES driver. Same question as Atanas: That is my point, Canonical should fund this so that the hardware works out of the box under Ubuntu Natty.

5 Steps: ThinkPad fingerprint reader on Archlinux

I learned this to my cost when Creative stopped supporting the Hollywood DXR3 card – it was a cracking bit of hardware, but Creative decided that they didn’t care about pissing off customers who had Windows XP. Then you could compare the memory usage with the same computer right after a reboot. I installed from the ppa, so I’d most likely have the newest built already. No reply at all — no surprise to me at all: Florian Stoll flostoll on Comment on this change optional.

Dorian the “Fix Released” is only for the release notes, meaning it’s now indicated this doesn’t work.

Fingerprint reader support

Message 1 of 6. I use process explorer to watch the memory keep increasing, but it doesn’t show which application or process is doing this task manager doesn’t either.

You may have thought you bought it from them, but you didn’t.

Personally I have this fingerprint reader Lenovo T for some time now about 2 years. Perhaps there’s still sb out there that has it and can confirm this a bug. Have no access to the device ATM. I don’t think I was missing your point. This model didn’t work ever so, I have this device one year, and it didn’t work and doesn’t I have investigated driver, but this device communicate over encrypted transfer, I have written to authentec and they won’t provide driver nor documentation.


AuthenTec will only do something if it makes a profit and the only operating system that people can get on their T machines in the authhentec is Windows, so only Windows matters to them.

However, it’s not all good news: Release Notes for Ubuntu. All the drivers have been updated as I use System Update to install them from our repository.

Integrated Fingerprint Reader – ThinkWiki

I am using Ubuntu As of Friday, April 3rd, it was not there. Remember, using fingerprints for authentication is much similar to having a password which is written on anything you touch. The AES has an “less secure” mode as auuthentec as the “super secure” mode. Retrieved from ” https: Jonathan, can you try the latest packages from the PPA and report back?: On Fri, Dec 4, at 2: In the ppas list you linked “08ff: