You should probably use the series B just make sure you get series B cables. I need some help!! So I get an angry call from a customer one day. They upgraded the card’s architecture to maintain compatibility with future notebooks. I’ve got two PCM4s with obliterated connectors from times that I was lazy and didn’t anchor it down. I did the usual tech support thing and calmly tried to walk the guy through how to properly plug the cable into the card.

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Register a new account. Can you tell I’m a bit partial to Panasonic Toughbooks? Of course if you had a Panasonic you’d be more worried about chipping the concrete than damaging the notebook, but I guess I covered that elsewhere: Sign In Sign Up. Miraculously, I’ve been able to carefully dig the chunks out of the card both times, so the 1784-pcm has survived. Where did this bizarre thing come from?!?!

17884-pcmk highway is a much faster way then using the serial inerface, and is my best preference for use on a SLC. I have been doing too much driver and cable swapping. I have been connecting via a null modem cable and using the aic net driver in linx.


They upgraded the card’s architecture to maintain compatibility with future notebooks.

Allen Bradley pcmk Ser a Part # | eBay

You bring up another good point, you also have to consider what the cable is anchored to! 1784-pvmk 19 Apr Started by gking18 Apr I was going to add a comment about that little dovetail slide, if noone else did. I need some help!! I’ve got kind of a funny story about PCMKs. In the late 90s, notebooks were coming out that didn’t support the 8-bit cards.

Allen Bradley 1784-pcmk Ser a Part # 96851374

All this is still kinda new to me, would the ser A card suite me for communicating with a slc and maybe a plc 5. Posted 18 Apr Man, thats hilarious, id hate to be those techs.

The difference between the A and the B card allwn the A card will only support data highway at Sign up for a new account in our community. Oh, wait a minute. So I get an angry call from a customer one day.

It is very slow and I have to connect to a panelview the is on a Rio with this SLc. Also what is the difference between the A and B card? I’ve had mixed results in NT 4. We seem to no longer have boxes labelled “Series A” anymore and now have “Series B”. Posted 20 Apr If it were me, I would look for a series A with cables on eBay. Is the speed difference the only major issues between the cards?


I was on the phone almost daily with Rockwell at the main and local offices for various reasons. If you know someone with a series A card, maybe you can persuade them to let you try it out before you buy one.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. He said he was coming down to the office and demanded to see me and my boss.

Honestly for price difference I would go with a ser A unless I am missing something. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.