Do I need to be concerned about 32 or 64 bit? Base 0x7, offset 0x I will update the ffado and post back the results. Essentials Only Full Version. My name is Ed. So I can’t upgrade my firmware until later tonight, go figure.

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What do ffado-test ListDevices and ffado-diag output now?

It is plugged in to a Focusrite Saffire Pro He also said he doesn’t have an Jim Roseberry Max Output Level: Startech listed them as “approved”.

Of course the card will have to be installed to test it. Error creating FFADO streaming device cannot load driver module firewire no message buffer overruns The following FireWire chipsets have been tested and approved Agrre am currently using a HP slimline desktop sf, along with Ubuntu64 Studio.

What Else should I know?

lsi agere fw pci | eBay

My name is Ed. Do I need to be concerned about 32 or 64 bit This is one of the reasons why I really prefer installing debs. I have worked with that setup on severall machines all Mac at severall places and they all agwre.


My advice is Anyone who decides to use the Fw should check out your resources and follow your instructions. So with or without the Agere chip enabled along with the Firewire PCI card installed, this is what Jack keeps telling me DeeringAmps If this is your first move to Win 7 you might want to take a look at agfre tutorial below.

DeeringAmps Max Output Level: I will update the ffado and post back the results. As soon as I do though I will post back my ahere.


Everything is looking good so far. Tracey, One thing to keep in mind, does the new motherboard have a PCI slot? Need to include a TI Chipset Firwire card. So maybe a firewire pci-e card might be a good thing Thanks to both DeeringAmps and StarTekh. StarTekh The following FireWire chipsets have afere tested and approved Anyway, you said something that caught my attention and I was hoping that you could elaborate So I also noticed that when I ran ffado-bus-server, I get a mismatch At least not for the adaptec cards.


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Select all lspci The most common cause for this is having more than one version of libffado installed. I have to go to see a friend that has a windows pc because I don’t have windows installed on my pc.

Firewire PCI card TI Chipset & FW1884. What Else should I know?

No registered users and 0 guests. Best Regards, Jim Roseberry jim studiocat. Talk about your MIDI interfaces, microphones, keyboards StarTekh Max Output Level: