You can even create separate monitor mixes for the main outs and headphones. I like their cuemix a lot. Flexible matrix routing and splitting Route your audio anywhere with one-click ease Send any input to any output, or multiple outputs. The 8pre as an optical converter The 8pre is two products in one: On board preamps mean I don’t need a separate mixer to record well.

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If you know your way around a large-format mixing console, you’ll feel right at home. Each mitu channel has individual preamp gain, pad, 48V phantom power and digital remote control.

Motu 8pre Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Great interface Easy to set up and get using. Skip to main content. Connect any MIDI device, such as a controller keyboard, synth module, automated control surface or drum machine. It’s a web app served from the hardware itself.

Additional Product Features Product Type. 8re 8pre Digital Recording Interface 19 product ratings 4. Stream hundreds of audio channels among devices and computers on the network. Show More Show Less. The 8Pre does not function as a stand-alone mixer. By connecting the 8pre optically to another interface, it becomes, in essence, a seamless extension of the other interface.

Motu 8pre Digital Recording Interface

With large targets for your fingers, multi-touch operation and intuitive design, you can tap, swipe and pinch your way to a perfect mix, every time. Turn your computer into a powerful digital moyu workstation with eight mic inputs. Compression modeled after the legendary LA-2A compressor. The ADAT connections are great it has two mmotu. And the Oscar goes to For example, it conserves USB bus bandwidth for other devices, such as hard drives.


Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process. The 8pre as an optical converter The 8pre is two products in one: The 8pre audio interface delivers everything you need to turn your computer into a powerful bit, 96kHz digital audio workstation. Its proven to be a good sounding, flexible and solid piece of gear.

Web app control from any device Control everything from your laptop, tablet and smartphone The software that you use to control the 8pre-es doesn’t reside on your hard drive. For each channel there is 48v phantom power for condenser microphones and a 20db pad for high level sources.

8pre Overview

Show less Show more. Click here to learn more. Solid metal chassis MOTU interfaces are built to last Like all MOTU interfaces, the 8pre-es aluminum alloy chassis is lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy and durable, and designed to withstand the rigors of the studio, stage, and tour bus.

For example, if you already own anor Traveler interface, you can connect the 8pre to the optical bank on your MOTU interface to seamlessly integrate the 8pre’s additional eight mic inputs into your MOTU interface CueMix mixer or host software mixer. By connecting both optical banks from the 8pre to two optical banks on the mk3, 8prs add eight 96 8prs mic inputs.


CueMix software works great for zero latency monitoring and multple mixes. If you have a MOTU interface with on-board CueMix DSP mixing, such as 8pree mkII or mk3HD or mtou or Traveler original or mk3the 8pre inputs appear directly in the host interface’s CueMix mixer to becomes a transparent extension of your system, operating together with your primary interface as a single, integrated unit — even when the host interface is not connected to a computer and is instead operating as a stand-alone mixer.

You moti even create separate monitor mixes for the main outs and headphones. CueMix DSP also supports talkback and listen back, so that musicians and engineers can communicate between the control room and studio recording rooms.

The 8pre can be rack mounted in 1U of rack space. Timing is sample-accurate with supporting software.