So it needs to be an AC signal. You would have to increace the capacitance of yout tank capacitor to compensate and allow it to run at the sme resonant frequency. With many cycles happening within a second you can blow several transistors quite easily. A Voltage regulator would be better. How many i would need of them? The HF signal is a single frequency square wave from a timer or any other signal generator. It is almost ready to run after tuning.

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It is to do with the first law of thermodynamics conservation of energy igintion, and the relationship between power, voltage, current, and, resistance or ciol as described in ohms law.

I have question in my mind which is in inductionthat is, what are the factors that rise the output voltage of the coil to become grater than the voltage of the DC source supply when switching off the R-L circuit? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It also varies between the different coil types or models.

This could be increased to over 25cm when doil flame was used. My problem is that I am only getting sparks of a mm or less. I am a high schooler who has had a long time fascination with electronics, esp.

Using my 3inch coil powered from the pulser I am able to draw a spark of about 25mm, in low light the corona is visible at the top of the coil. Would a sine-wave oscillator instead of a square-wave give better efficiency for driving an ignition coil?


This would need a whole different setup. A larger capacitor will allow more AC current to pass through it. Were you somehow born with the knowledge you have? I should talk to you about your custom work for either of these!

It is not a functional circuit. Snubbers are a tricky subject, but in general they are used to reduce electromagnetic interference EMI or voltage spikes.

DIY Mini Tesla Coil

This has two major drawbacks in this application. Do you have any ideas of why not?

Interrupt this circuit ie with a switch or simply disconnect a wire and the current stops flowing. This is supposedly a volt ignition coil.

DIY Mini Tesla Coil – RMCybernetics

I think a microwave one may be too large but theres no harm in trying it if you allready have one. Neither resistance or capacitance alone can be used to increase the voltage of a source.

DB You need to adequately control the back e. Once a charge is built up in a coil and the primary circuit is switched off, what happens to the charge in the secondary winding if there is no path for it to discharge to? I am not going to use the HV to create sparks rather…I am using it to use in HV experiment in vacuum tube discharge.


Is there any way that you could provide me with a diagram or schematic of how you built your MMC. The LRC and frequency of the secondary coil are pretty much fixed, so it is common to tune the primary circuit to match this. The reason is due to the way transistors work. The caps can be any type as long as ivnition can withstand the voltage they will be exposed to.

I can only guess that one of the wires in your pair is ground, the other will be signal. There is no noticeable 0V part to the 12V square wave which I am assuming is driving the coils in the ignitioj circuit.

Based Flyback/Ignition Coil Driver – High Voltage Stuff – Community

Right now, It is running coio of an 18 Volt, 1. I designed this circuit I don’t know what are the values that I can use for this snubber?

Flat Spiral Coil wire diameter 1. Those equations are typically designed for side wave AC power from mains, so if you are not powering it like this, the result will be invalid. I am trying to power an xray tube with a battery configuration for portablility research.